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Providing Everything You Need



Making changes to your tower systems requires specialized equipment and techniques with which Big Stone personnel are experts. We have all the experience, logistical capabilities, and equipment to make any changes to your tower.

Tower Inspection

Towers need to be inspected for structural integrity, metal corrosion, electrical safety, avaition hazard mitigation, sensor data reporting, remote power system functionality, data transmission and storage capability. Big Stone is the nations leading expert in these things.


Sensor Replacement

Meteorological sensors degrade over time. They need to be changed out semi-annually in order to produce quality data. Big Stone has the expertise to not only get into position to replace these sensors with new but can completely redesign your whole system. We have worked with virtually every sensor on the market and can troubleshoot quality issues etc. that often come with hiring sub par contractors. With quality data you can gain valuable insights into the performance of your operation.

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